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Continuous patient monitoring with routine reassessments and follow up care.

Your healthcare partner

Revexcare stays around you in all the situations, making your world happier and healthier with our quality healthcare at home service catalog.



Hire trained attendants for patient care at home.



Get qualified, skilled nurses for at home, expert care.



Get rid of acute or other types of pain at your place.

Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Helping hand for your parents when you not around.

Baby Care

Baby Care

Caring nanny for new born babies just a call away.

Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Avail expert care for cancer patients at home.



Rent hospital beds, ventilators and more at home.



Hire experts in need of instant IV, IM etc. injections.

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Complete Healthcare

Get expert medical care at home from a service provider trusted by many families for our passion towards caring.

  • Qualified, mannered staff.
  • On-time fulfilment and instant replacement.
  • Prompt, satisfactory helpline.
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Emergency Medical Services

In need someone for an urgent injection or something else? Our expert is just a call away.

  • IV, IM or other injections.
  • Ryle's tube change.
  • Urinary catheter change.
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Wheel Chair

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Syringe Pump

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Give parents a helping hand

Hire hygienic and polite medical care providers from Revexcare and give your parents or loved ones the expert care the deserve in this stage of life. Our attendants or nurses are certified and specialize in handling any type of elderly people at home.

In addition to regular care giving, they are also efficient in other routine patient care tasks including cleaning of wounds, injury, suction, ryle's tube feeding, tracheotomy etc. as per requirement.

Health Care Services at Home

RevexCare was created as a solution to the rising problem of insufficient healthcare facilities and lack of caregivers for the elderly care, baby care, patient care and cancer care in India. Revex Care offers India’s most comprehensive at-home health care services, through qualified and trained clinical professionals, which ensures that are given the right treatment with accurate monitoring backed by a strong tech based system specially designed for health care at home.

Home Care Services at home

FAQs on Revex Care

Home health care services are designed for older adults / sick-people and just-mothers in the comfort of their homes. It includes day-to-day assistance, care, and medication that may be needed due to various health conditions of your loved one.

Health care services at home allow Elder Care, Assisted Living, Medical / Nursing Care, Baby and Mother care. We have Team of Caregivers, Nurses, Doctors, Physios, Nannies enabling 24x7 home care and medical emergency support.

Home care helps you recover in the comfort of your own home. You can hire home assistance for the elderly and mothers 24x7. Home care can prove to be very cost-effective when you need additional helping hands for the care of your loved ones.

It depends upon the type of care, level and duration of care you need for your loved ones. Home care services are available fulltime and 24x7 depending on your needs. There is no fixed cost and it's usually customised and discussed at an initial assessment stage.

Most of the time individuals do not pay for the home health care services themselves. Medical health insurances, government schemes like the CGHS or ECHS or a private duty agency can do the payment.

You can book our at-home services in three simple steps:

  1. Contact us and talk to our expert
  2. Select service after baseline evaluation
  3. Pay for the service

Our expert will suggest what is best for your specific needs: Recovery Program at home or Center based care.




What to expect from at-home health care services?

You can expect our Home Care Attendants to be a round-the-clock support system for your loved one who will do all the tasks with utmost empathy and sensitivity to the patient’s needs. Your loved one will never feel helpless or dependent when our Attendant is there by his or her side.

Moreover, you can expect the caregiver to be punctual, and not take leaves without prior discussion with you or with us.

Revex Care nursing at home will gently stand by your loved ones helping them and providing them support in all forms. Since the patient will be given the undivided attention of a highly trained and professional Revex Care Attendant, you can be assured that you or your loved one will receive world-class care right at home.

What is Revex Care in-home nursing service?

Revex Care trained nurses for home care provide high-quality home care nursing services for hospital-like care at home. Whether you are looking for simple support in doing everyday tasks when recovering or need complex care that can be daunting for family members to undertake. Our nurses are highly trained medical professionals capable of providing hospital-like care in the comfort of your own home.

Who are Medical Attendants?

Attendants are certified caregivers and are selected after several rounds of screening processes including undergoing thorough background verification, before undergoing an intensive training program.

Revex care nursing attendants at home have the requisite qualifications, but they also need to have at least one years of caregiving experience before going through our training and onboarding program.

You are guaranteed to find a marked difference in the behaviour, empathy and sensitivity of Revex Care Attendants as compared to other ward boys, aayas and caretakers.

What is Revex Care attendant service?

There are times when constant care and attention is required at home for your loved ones. There are several instances when all you need is a helping hand at home for taking care of daily needs of your elderly parents or a loved one suffering from chronic illness; this is where having a health caretaker at home can be so helpful.

We teach our non-medical attendants to empathize with the condition of the patient and be sensitive to their needs. Not only do they help the patient with mobility, personal care, toileting and meals but our in-home patient attendants also act as companions to them. Having a health caretaker at home also means you get support services like cleaning dishes, washing patient’s clothes, maintaining patient’s room and supplies as per need.

Caring for the elderly or for patients recovering from illness is not an easy task. We take special care to ensure that your loved one is comfortable with the home patient attendant provided by us, through a data-driven process of matching your requirements with the attendant’s capabilities. You get a non-medical attendant who is just the right fit for your loved one. In unlikely event that the caregiver assigned to you does not suit your needs, we will strive to find you a replacement till we get the right fit.

Why is non- medical attendant at home a good idea?

With the rise of nuclear families, couples where both partners work and follow fast paced lifestyle, you might find yourself unable to give the full attention and care that your elderly parents or loved one recovering from illness might need; this is when it’s best to have a health caretaker at home.

In such cases, it is best for the patient to receive the help of experts like us who can provide home patient attendants and caregivers for the daily activities needed for patient care at your home.

We believe that recovery from illness require both physical and mental well-being. Hence, it is best for your elderly parents or loved ones that they recuperate in the warmth and loving atmosphere of home.

Just opt to have a caretaker at home and leave the stress and worry of taking constant care of your loved one in our professional hands, this will mean you can spend more quality time with the patient or your loved one, and be able to focus on what’s most important to you.

Why choose Revex Care?

We understand that every request for Nursing Care is unique and our Nurses are qualified to assess the situation to identify the care needs of the patient. We offer day-time support, overnight support, and 24-hour home nursing services. We also provide on-demand nurse home care interventions for patients who need this expertise.

Every Revex Care Nurses for home care is the perfect combination of an expert medical professional and a Holistic Care-Giver, with the expertise to bridge the gap between the doctor, patient, and family –members.

Our nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care specializations:

  • Taking medicines on time, monitoring blood pressure and other vitals, and fixing a diet plan
  • Oral and personal hygiene, feeding and bathroom assistance, or assistance with mobility
  • Caring and dressing wounds, handling IV infusions and other medical equipment, emptying catheter bags, colostomy bags and bedpans.
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