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Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is the city of dreams for many, and rightly so. The city has each and every facility and luxury needed to lead a comfortable life. Healthcare services offered in Mumbai are one of the best in the country. People from all walks of life visit Mumbai to avail affordable and quality medical services.

The medical infrastructure of Mumbai is home to some of the top doctors of India. Doctors specializing in a wide variety of medical branches work in Mumbai. They offer best quality care across almost every medical and surgical specialty.

Mumbai is home to some of the best multispecialty and super specialty hospitals, advanced diagnostic facilities and alternative medicine facilities. These facilities are managed by qualified and well experienced doctors who have earned advanced degrees in their particular field of specialty.

Some of the most sought after medical and surgical specialists in Mumbai include dentists, gynecologists, cancer specialists, cardiologists, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, diabetologists, orthopedic surgeons etc. This does not in any way reduce the importance and demand of other medical and surgical specialists. Doctors work in association with bigger hospitals or have their own private practice.

Doctors practicing in any part of India are required to have valid degrees in their respective field of specialty. Most of the doctors aspiring to practice modern medicine, should pursue M.B.B.S, which is a basic graduate degree in the field of medicine. They can then pursue Masters, Advanced Diploma and even Fellowships in specific medical or surgical specialties of their choice. Dentists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, and doctors practicing alternative medicine, have separate graduation degrees and can later pursue Masters degree in their field of choice. On obtaining the required degree, doctors are provided a registration number by the government which allows them to practice medicine. Invalidity of this number takes away from doctors their right to practice.

Doctors practicing in Mumbai offer outpatient consulting, inpatient medical treatment as well as surgical care to their patients. Most of the top doctors in Mumbai offer their consulting services at varied hours to suit patients' convenience. It is the doctors' duty to listen to and solve all of their patients' medical queries and doubts. Patients rely heavily on their doctors for support and assurance in times of poor health. Therefore, doctors must entertain all of their patients' problems with the utmost professional attitude.

All doctors practicing in Mumbai are bound by certain rules and regulations laid down by the health department. Flouting any of the said rules may lead to temporary or permanent revoking of the concerned doctor's registration number. All doctors are expected to follow ethical medical practice and not indulge in giving or taking bribes. Accepting or offering gifts to or from other doctors for professional gains in unacceptable practice.

The top doctors in Mumbai offer quality medical care to not only residents of the city, but to patients visiting from all over the world. These doctors are skilled in performing several medical, surgical and diagnostic procedures pertaining to their field of expertise.

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