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Expert and matchless nursing care at home for speedy recovery and recuperation of your loved one.

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Home Nursing Services

Home nursing services in Delhi NCR aim to provide nursing care similar to that found in a medical institution, but in the comfort of your own home, with the assistance of skilled, trained nurses available 24/7. If you are looking for nursing care in your area, please contact us.

Nursing services at home might be medical or non-medical. Geriatric, pediatric, and mother-and-child care are examples of non-medical care, whereas medical care covers a wide range of services, such as suture removal, wound dressing, ventilator care, ostomy care, palliative care, injections, and infusion therapy, and more.

What are the different types of Home nursing Services provided by Revexcare?

  • Nursing for vaccination
  • Nursing for cancer
  • Nursing for chemotherapy
  • Nursing for immunotherapy
  • Nursing for Catheterisation
  • Nursing for infusion
  • Nursing for Nebulization
  • Nursing for ICU-care
  • Nursing for Esophageal cancer
  • Nursing for Lymphoma cancer
  • Nursing for Urinary catheterization
  • Nursing for Pancreatic Cancer
  • Nursing for Cardiac Catheterization
  • Nursing for Cervical cancer
  • Nursing for Brain cancer
  • Nursing for Kidney Cancer
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Round-The-Clock Expert Nursing Care

A bond of healthy and happy caregivers with patients can speed up the recovery.

  • 24x7 supervision.
  • 12 and 24 hour shifts.
  • Trained and Qualified.
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24x7 Emergency Nursing Assistance

Healing might be a matter of time, but it is also about being there at the right time.

  • Timely Wound Management.
  • Catheter and stoma bag care.
  • Intramuscular and Intravenous Injections.
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Expert Care That You Need

The need for nursing care services is unconditional and comes without a knock or warning.

Medical Management

Medical Management

Trained to administer injections, Ryle’s tube feeding, tracheostomy management, and much more.

Nutrition & Diet Care

Nutrition & Diet Care

Food is essential for faster recovery and better overall health.

Mobility & Assistance

Mobility & Assistance

Encourage physical activity under the guidance of physiotherapist.

Vital Monitoring

Vital Monitoring

Track necessary vitals such as weight, sugar level, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.

Benefits of Home Nursing Services

Our home nursing staff has extensive training and practical expertise in providing patients with guidance and support for preserving their health. For patients, we will create a fantastic diet and make every effort to get them back to where they were. Treatment of a disease or injury at the patient’s home is the main goal of home nursing care. Surgery wounds, everyday wounds, patient and caregiver education, rehabilitation therapies, monitoring conditions, and unstable health status are all covered by the home nursing service.
The following are some of the homecare services we offer in Dwarka Delhi:

Revexcare offers home nursing and timely assistance in Delhi NCR, which gives us the chance to provide our services routinely.

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Why Choose Revexcare for Home Nursing Services?

Home Nursing Services at home

FAQs on Home Nursing Services at home

Patients who require assistance with daily tasks can receive compassion and support from home nursing services. Home care standards might range from food preparation to incontinence support depending on what is needed, but they are not typically licensed to provide medical services.

The primary duty of home nurses is to assist/care for patients in the privacy of their own homes.

There are several benefits, some of which include the following:

  1. It encourages healing and reduces the danger of infection.
  2. more affordable than hospital treatment.
  3. Comfortable surroundings
  4. Personalized and customized therapies and strategies
  5. administration medication

A less expensive alternative to hospital treatment is home nursing. The price is determined by the patient’s needs. If you need further information, please contact us.

Revexcare – home nursing care services ensure the patient’s well-being and are never compromised in terms of providing quality services. We provide personalized nursing care services by maintaining and delivering high standards of medical assistance to home patients. Revexcare provides well-trained and certified nurses to assist the patients at the comfort of their homes and makes their life much better.

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