Best Doctors in Bangalore

The healthcare sector of Bangalore boasts of modern amenities, best diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and personalized patient care. Hospitals and medical centers in Bangalore witness influx of patients from not only India but from other countries as well.

The most important part of any healthcare sector is its doctors. Bangalore is blessed to have some of India's top doctors working there. Given below is a list of some of the top doctors in Bangalore.

Over the years, Bangalore has emerged as one of the most important commercial hubs in India. This metro city offers some of the best lifestyle options, luxuries as well as basic amenities. Along with this, the health sector too is improving with every passing day.

Physicians and surgeons of almost every specialty offer their consultation services in Bangalore. They work under multiple specialties like dentistry, gynecology, radiology, pediatrics, oncology, orthopedics, psychiatry etc. Apart from doctors practicing modern medicine, there are those who offer scientifically proven treatments across several branches of alternative medicine.

Doctors practicing in Bangalore offer consultation services for outpatient as well as inpatient treatment of patients. Operation as a mode of treatment can be offered to patients by qualified surgeons only. Doctors often work in coordination when patients require treatment across multiple medical specialties.

All physicians and surgeons practicing in Bangalore are bound by certain rules and regulations laid down by the department of health. All doctors require a valid license provided by a government authorized body to practice medicine. Timely renewal of this license is essential to retain its validity. Flouting any of the rules laid down by the department of health can lead to temporary or permanent cancellation of doctors' license to practice.

Certain medical procedures like medical termination of pregnancy, autopsy, vaccination in children, organ transplant, can be performed only by expert doctors who are certified by the government. Every doctor having expertise in the above specified fields is not allowed to perform the procedures (this sentence somehow seems tricky). All registered medical practitioners are answerable to authorities who work for the department of health. Rules like ethical practice, doctor-patient confidentiality, are followed strictly by all doctors practicing in Bangalore.

Candidates who obtain M.B.B.S degree from government recognized institutes are allowed to practise medicine in Bangalore. Doctors who pursue degrees in Dentistry, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Speech Therapy, obtain specialist graduate degrees. Further, these doctors can pursue specialized post graduate degrees in various fields of medicine or surgery.

With years of studying and practical experience, doctors acquire great skill in their respective field of specialty. Greater the doctor's experience, higher is their expertise in performing various therapeutic and diagnostic medical procedures.

Doctors work in association with multispecialty hospitals, medical centers, or have their own practice. They offer the best quality medical care and personalized attention to all patients.

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