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Doctors form one of the most important pillars on which the healthcare sector of a village, city or country depends. They are registered healthcare providers, qualified to provide a wide range of medical treatment to patients. Doctors having advance training in a variety of medical and surgical specialties work hand in hand to provide comprehensive and quality healthcare to patients.

The City of Delhi offers some of the best medical facilities in India. Some of the top hospitals of the world are present in Delhi, making the city a much sought after destination for those seeking quality healthcare.

Doctors having advanced qualifications across almost each medical and surgical specialty are part of the healthcare sector of Delhi. Dentists, gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, E.N.T specialists, dermatologists, are some of the medical specialties offered by various doctors in Delhi.

It is a common belief that doctors are equivalent to God. Doctors in Delhi leave no stone unturned to prove this statement true. With sheer hard work and dedication, these doctors have managed to make Delhi, one of the busiest healthcare sectors in India. Patients from all over the world visit hospitals and medical centers in Delhi to seek medical help from some of the best doctors in the country.

These doctors offer their consultation services by practicing privately or they may be associated with multispecialty hospitals. Hospital outpatient consulting is functional for most of the day, with a single or many doctors of a particular medical specialty being available throughout the day. Physicians offer only outpatient and inpatient medical consulting. They attend to patients visiting clinics, and those admitted in hospitals, and provide medicinal treatment only. Surgeons offer outpatient consulting as well as surgical treatment to their patients.

It is the duty of every physician and surgeon to attend to every query their patients pose for them. They must follow certain rules and regulations which protect the patient's privacy and help them trust the doctor. Doctor-patient confidentiality does not allow doctors to reveal any information offered by the patient unless there is a legal notice for the same. Doctors are expected to adhere to the code of conduct formatted by Indian Medical Association in order to continue with their medical practice. It is mandatory for all doctors to obtain valid registration numbers and track their renewal if they want to practice in India.

Surgeons are bound by a certain set of rules to be followed whilst they are performing any operation. Violating any of these rules may endanger the patient's life and will lead to revoking of the doctor's license to practise thereafter.

Other than doctors practicing modern medicine, a huge part of the healthcare sector of Delhi comprises of doctors practicing alternative medicine. This includes Ayurvedic physicians, Homeopathic physicians, Unani physicians, naturopaths. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, are allied branches of medical treatment made available by many specialist doctors in Delhi. Doctors extend full cooperation and support to one another to ensure that the patients obtain the best and quickest possible medical attention.

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