Best Doctors in Chandigarh

Some of the top doctors in the country are associated with the healthcare sector of Chandigarh. Qualified physicians and surgeons offer consultation services across several medical and surgical specialties. Most of the doctors hold advanced degrees in their respective fields and have numerous years of practical experience.

Chandigarh is one of the busiest and most developed Union Territories of India. The region has seen influx of population from several neighboring urban and rural areas. Basic facilities like real estate, commercial development, healthcare have seen rapid growth in the last few decades. Doctors play one of the most vital roles in shaping the healthcare sector of any region. The healthcare facilities in Chandigarh have developed greatly owing to the relentless efforts of doctors practicing in this area. Several medical specialties like gynecology, dental surgery, general surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, are available across various hospitals in Chandigarh.

Specialists also provide treatment across more advanced facilities like infertility medicine, nuclear medicine, genetic counseling, oncology etc. Doctors either have their own private practice or work with medical centers and multispecialty hospitals. Many doctors offer their medical consultation services free of cost for patients who cannot afford costly treatment facilities.

Several doctors also work in primary health care centers and medical centers located in the rural regions of Chandigarh.

Doctors practicing in any part of India are required to be registered with the local department of health. A valid registration number provided by an authorized government body is required to practice medicine. Doctors practicing without any registration number are likely to face legal consequences.

For all doctors practicing modern medicine, it is mandatory to hold M.B.B.S degree from a government recognized institute. Doctors can then pursue post graduate degrees followed by diplomas or fellowships in any medical or surgical specialty. Aspiring dental surgeons are exempted from pursuing this degree. They are required to pursue B.D.S which is a graduate degree in the field of dentistry.

Doctors practicing alternative medicine therapies like homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani medicine, are also part of the healthcare sector of Chandigarh. They are often the most sought after physicians due to increasing demand for alternative therapies. Additionally, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, also form a sizeable percentage of doctors practicing in Chandigarh.

Most doctors are well versed in performing various therapeutic and diagnostic procedures pertaining to their respective field of specialty. They offer their consultation services on outpatient as well as inpatient basis. Doctors are bound by certain rules and regulations set by department of health. Ethical medical practice, doctor-patient confidentiality, biomedical waste disposal, are governed closely and all doctors are expected to abide to related rules.

Doctors practicing in Chandigarh work dedicatedly and with passion to provide world class medical amenities and quality medical care to each and every patient.

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