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Chennai has world class health care amenities, from government and private hospitals, top surgeons, to cutting edge medical technology. It has been named as the 'Health Care Capital' of the country because of the advanced medical and surgical options, excellent infrastructure of the hospitals, and world class amenities and facilities. Doctors in Chennai are associated with various practice settings such as private practices, general hospitals, health institutions, public health organizations etc.

Being a doctor is one of the most prestigious and important professions in the world. These specialists have an in-depth knowledge of various diseases and skills to diagnose and treat them. Doctors have a duty towards the society to educate people, instill awareness, give hope, and provide comprehensive care and treatment to patients.

With availability of affordable, efficient, updated, and advanced health-care facilities, Chennai has developed into a hub of medical tourism. People from all over the country as well as abroad prefer to get their consultations and treatments from renowned hospitals in Chennai. According to recent studies, Chennai brings about a high percentage of the country's medical tourists. This is why, Chennai has been named as India's Health Capital.

Doctors in Chennai have tremendous importance and respect owing to the accurate diagnosis and unparalleled treatments they provide. It is the ultimate duty of the doctors and medical professionals to serve the people of the city with warmth, understanding, and kindness. Doctors require the patient's trust in order to treat them efficiently. Following their ethics, and rules and regulations, is an important factor for a good practice. Good doctors listen to patients' questions, solve their queries, provide solutions, give hope to patients and their families, cope with the diagnosed illness and help them recuperate after.

The City of Chennai houses a large number of doctors who are highly qualified and very professional. Many of these doctors have done their post graduation or have been awarded fellowships from reputed institutions in India and abroad. They specialize in different domains of medicine by pursuing Masters, diploma, or fellowships. A registered and valid license allows the doctors to practice accordingly. The top doctors of Chennai are registered under several specializations. Anesthesiologists, Allergy specialists, Cardiologists, ENT specialists, Neurologists, Nephrologists and Urologists, Diabetologists, Endocrinology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, etc. are some of the specializations.

Outpatient as as well as inpatient services are provided by the doctors depending upon their area of practice and specialization. Doctors are associated with top government and private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, private clinics, and health-care organizations etc. They provide consultation, diagnosis, and treatment to patients according to patient's needs and convenience. Advanced surgical and treatment procedures are performed by some of the top doctors of the country and world, with ease, expertise, and high success rate.

The top doctors practicing in Chennai are associated with some of the major hospitals like Apollo Hospitals, Global Health City, Fortis Malar Hospital, etc. They not only cater to patients of the city but also to patients from outside the state and country. It is vital to choose a good doctor for treatment of any ailment as it will help the patient recover from the illness in a short period of time and at a nominal fee.

Given here is a complied list of well qualified and experienced top doctors falling under several disciplines with information about their associate hospitals and specialties to assist you in making a right choice.

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